Boone Society Book- Following Boone's Trace

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Following Boone's Trace by Neal O. Hammon

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Following Boone’s Trace is a historical review of Daniel Boone’s westward movement in 1775. Author Neal Hammon spent years to research the what, when and why of Daniel’s venture westward from the colonies. He studied he land survey maps from the late 1700s to find the one’s that had the original Boone Trace on them as a reference point. By connecting them from the Cumberland Gap to Fort Boonesborough we have the original pathway of the Boone Trace.

It is also a companion guide for those traveling the Boone Trace Corridor to drive and walk the footsteps of Daniel Boone.Seeing the landscape without the historical facts, would not give a clear picture of the story. Combined it creates and educational and entertaining adventure. So as a Boone Trace handbook, it serves a great purpose. Even without traveling the distance yourself, it brings the story from the shadows of the past, for all to understand.

The Boone Society has a mission to preserve America’s Frontier History. This will be done through education of the general public and especially the grade school children. We must remember the hardships and sacrifices of our forefathers to develop a great nation. Daniel Boone is the father of westward movement and represented the fortitude of the thousands of settlers that followed him through the gap, called “Gateway to the West”.

Boone Society Book- Following Boone's TraceBoone Society Book- Following Boone's Trace
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